Medical Book Club - Medical Terminology for Dummies Reviewed

Medical Book Club - Medical Terminology for Dummies Reviewed

In a medical book club like this, it may not be necessary to dumb things down. However, for everyday people, having access to information about their conditions or about the medical terminology they hear can help to debunk many myths. That's where the book Medical Terminology for Dummies comes into play. The book is the subject of this medical book review.

The Book Explained

The book, Medical Terminology for Dummies is written by Beverley Henderson and Jennifer Lee Dorsey. The book provides, as its title indicates, a simple and straightforward way of getting your questions answered. There are several key things about this book that help to make it a must have in every household.

The book is more than a dictionary. It provides a simple and fast way of getting information on what terms men. It also helps you to understand how to say words, where they apply and what they mean. You learn the basics of Greek and Latin and the prefixes, suffixes and root words so that you can easily understand terms that you hear in doctor's offices or anywhere else. You may not be able to use the language yet, but with this book, you will explore what it means and how it works.

What's the Bottom Line?

When reading this book, it becomes clear that you have to have a vested interest in the subject or it will become a tabletop reference book. The information is outstanding and it can work well for those studying medicine as a resource guide. However, for everyday users, it is something that they will need to be truly interested in to benefit from reading.