Under the Microscope: Heart

Under the Microscope: Heart

How the blood gets around the body

My kiddo has always been very interested in the human body and how it works, and now that she’s taking an anatomy class in our co-op she’s more into learning about body systems than ever. She found a book at the library yesterday that I think will help feed her constant interest as well as further her knowledge. It’s called Under the Microscope: Heart—How the Blood Gets Around the Body. Written by Richard Walker, it’s one of the most fully-illustrated, interesting books about the body I have ever seen and I think many children would enjoy it.

The book is only 48 pages long including its index, but between its illustrations and content, it is an absolutely fantastic, child-comprehensive guide to the heart and how it works. Topics covered within the book include blood vessels, the heartbeat cycle, immunization, white and red blood cells, clotting, healing and much, much more.

My child is only seven, so the text-heavy portions of the book aren’t going to interest her in their entirety yet; that said, the illustrations, their captions, and some of the text is perfect for her. For older children, the book might be a great resource for writing reports or learning more about the subject whenever it’s brought up at school or home.

I particularly like how the photos are labeled and explained for children. The blood vessels, for example, are depicted in huge magnifications and labeled so children can see arteries and valves. Many of these are cartoonish in nature, though there are photos as well—such as the inside of a vein or artery. There are also associations to show where these vessels are within the body itself.

So far, my daughter’s favorite photo is of the heart’s structure. It’s labeled in a very child-friendly way, depicting the most major elements such as the chambers of the heart. There is also a photo of the heartstrings that looks like it’s glowing rather than bloody, which is fascinating for my daughter. I really like that none of the photos are scary or gory; instead, they are really pretty and absorbing, depicting the beauty of the human body.

There are many other colorful photos and diagrams within the book that many children will find interesting as well. If you are explaining how the heart works to children or simply furthering what your child has already learned, this book would certainly be helpful.