October 2011

Say “Ahhh!” - Dora Goes to the Doctor

"The book is overall a good introduction to what a check-up is like."

When we take babies to the doctor, we don’t have to mentally prepare them. They often sleep through it, and many are already used to being passed between strangers who want to “hold the baby.” But once the child is old enough to fear shots, associate the word “doctor” with “torture artist,” and generally fear going, it can be difficult to soothe his or her nerves.

My own daughter actually likes going to the doctor. I think it’s because she’s fascinated with all of her tools and gadgets, loves science, and loves getting a sticker and sucker at the end of her visit. Plus, she’s done with her shots for a while, so she knows that’s not a threat (and we usually get flumist rather than the flu shot). She’s usually pretty healthy, so an annual checkup is typically our extent of doctor visits each year.